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Since the covid-19 outbreak, people have been wearing masks.

Although we have controlled a lot of them two years ago, we can not

help worrying whether the new crown will accompany us all the time.

Recently, another person accidentally infected him, and he brought

the virus to the people around him. People's attitude towards him was

nothing but blame and abuse. But I never thought that he was just a

victim in the big environment... On my way home after class, I saw a

blind person who seemed to have only seen in the TV for the first time,

He walked alone on the blind track with a guide stick, but the front of the

blind track was full of shared bicycles, which made me wonder, why do

we rarely see blind people in our daily life? What is the daily life of this

group? Have people marginalized or even forgotten this group in their

hearts now, so they occupy the blind path. If "blindness" becomes an

infectious disease one day in the future, what will the society become?



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